We are Moon.Ventures. We are a dynamic and new style investment company focussing on growth- and social capital. Next to the financial foundation, we also provide the advisory support to help scale and develop ambitious start- and scale-ups. In doing so Moon.Ventures provides the brain and financial capital for entrepreneurs and social enterprises to thrive in the digital real time era.


At Moon.Ventures we are firm believers in the potential and opportunities brought to businesses (and our society as a whole) by technology. However, there is no ‘app’ to create a successful company. People and culture define success more than algorithms do.

Based on this belief, our investments focus specifically on entrepreneurs and businesses that drive technological advancement in combination with human creativity. We help drive commercial growth, but also support social enterprises in the digital landscape.


Our investments have one important thing in common: they encompass the transition of traditional industry to the agile and digital real time businesses for the digital era. Moon.Ventures draws from a wealth of international experience, global connections and knowledge within the digital landscape.

Moon.Ventures has a global focus and works with worldwide partners to provide global scale. We maximise and leverage our investments beyond continents and organise tailored events and best practice sharing across our investment portfolio to help accelerate the growth of our businesses.


After the great disruption of the industrial revolution, citizens, politicians and entrepreneurs humanized nineteenth-century capitalism. In the wake of the equally disruptive digital revolution, we now need to mirror these advances to humanise this contemporary upheaval.

In an increasingly technocentric world, Moon.Ventures believes human values will be similarly key to successful business and society. Social enterprises supported by Moon.Ventures aim to solve 21st century societal challenges by prioritising human values.


For more information about our Moon.Ventures growth- and social fund, or to apply for a (seed) capital investment, please contact us and we will reach out to you personally to answer your questions in more detail.

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